these are a few of the beautiful things...

...Yes, I was singing that to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. (No, I don't really like musicals.)

Anyhow, as I get back into the blogging saddle, I have decided to sprinkle a few personal anecdotes and goings-on into the mix. This should result in more frequent posting, and will serve as a nice notepad/record for my post-post-studio practice. Ha!

Now, on to the topic at hand--beautiful things. Specifically, I wish to make an account of two heart-moving occurrences I've recently witnessed;

1) At a local used bookshop, a boy of about age thirteen was standing behind me in line with an older brother/uncle/mentor type figure. I say older only because he was older than the boy--he was a young man himself, twentysomething at most. The boy was holding an unknown H.G. Wells paperback with some fantastic, funky cover art and said "Yeah, I think I want to buy this," in a half excited, half timid tone. The brother/uncle/mentor smiled encouragingly and told the boy he'd like to buy it for him. The boy's responding grin was also half excited and half timid, but totally heart-melting.

2) In a museum, in a very dark gallery, a woman was with a young boy (again, around age thirteen). The boy was blind. They walked arm in arm as the boy tapped with his cane, and they proceeded through a thick velvet curtain which was a passage into an exceedingly bright gallery space. And when I say exceedingly bright, I mean it--they were walking into a space featuring a sculptural installation that consisted of a grouping of flood lights, creating a blinding-white wall. So, you can imagine how the light streamed through the draping velvet as they passed. Maybe it's cheesy, but it was a kind of bittersweet, allegorical moment.

Anyone else catch a moment like this lately?

Over and out. . .


Lynelle said...

Life can be so beautiful. We forget that, I think, sometimes. Plus, everyone knows you secretly love musicals.

mariann said...

psha! I prefer soundtracks, not breaking into song. : )