Unicorn, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.
Here is the first of a series of large format shots I took in a local urban forest. This image depicts a massive puppet I helped to make, which was used in a performance at the grand Kulakoff wedding. If you poke around a few posts back, you'll find some scans of the Polaroid tests from the shoot.

Large format film, I love you. Never leave me.


Jamie Drake + Palace

Last week I had the honor of dusting off the ol' 4x5 cam and photographing this poster project for Jamie Drake and Palace.

Jamie Drake is a super-talented songwriter, singer, and snazzy dresser. She will be starting a residency at Hotel Cafe every Wednesday in August.  Give yourself a preview here.

Palace is the design haus of Erik Buckham--a typography and illustration wizard, who moonlights as a popcorn busker.   

Two great/wonderful/special people, check 'em both out.


art morsel

Check out this delicious still-life by Theo Mercier. Photography is all smoke and mirrors...
"The Regrets of the Fish Head" 
Theo Mercier, 2008.


Collaboration Benefit

I'm pretty excited about this one. I just downloaded a collaborative album by the Dirty Projectors and Bjork, by donating toward the effort to protect international waters for the sake of marine life. (It's for all our sakes, really).

Here is the image of Nor Cal's Mt. Wittenberg that goes along with the project:

The album is called Mount Wittenberg Orca,  inspired by the sighting of a killer whale from atop a ridge on the Mount. Check it all out for yourself at MountWittenbergOrca.com.