tumors and mice

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Yes, been readin' the ol' 1 Samuel...



I've known of the album A Society In Which No Tear Is Shed is Inconceivably Mediocre…  by Yonlu for a little bit now, but was reminded of him tonight when a friend sent over some home-made music that was reminiscent of this.  Yonlu's music is more than deserving of a dedicated blog post...

It's already a pretty melancholic collection of home-made songs, but that is overshadowed by Yonlu's suicide at age 16.  Apparently, in a last note, he told his parents to listen to his music when they missed him.  Ugh. Heartbreak.

This is a really lovely album with some beautiful yet simple melodies, sound exploration, and hauntingly sad lyrics.  Take off your hat and give it a spin.