Yard (and Studio!) Sale

This Saturday, September 26, I will be participating in a fund-raising yard sale. Many of the works from What Happens (pictured above) will be among my offerings, along with some other interesting stuff. Yes, stuff. Stuff like CDs, housewares, and a sweet old single-slide projector.

100% of the funds will go to a group of my friends who are traveling to India next month to do some projects. One is to make a documentary in the foothills of the Himalayas, and the other is to put on a children's activity day-camp type thing at a school.

Come to the sale, drop a few bucks, and talk to my friend Rod about what he'll be shooting for this doc!

I'll also be making some delicious Iced Indian Red Tea.

4534 Ambrose Ave, in Los Feliz, 90027. It's near the big Albertson's shopping center on Hillhurst.

I will be there from 8:30am - 11am, and I'm not sure what time the party will stop, but I will make the appropriate update here in this entry when I find out.

Hope to see you there, Cheers!


seandoze said...

momo sez woof. i might be in the area.

mariann said...

awesome! i would love to see you and Momo!

Lynelle said...

Um, I know someone who would be interested in the slide projector - Dale! How much do you want for it?