portrait on film

Joseph Barkley, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.

Here's a recent portrait I took for Joseph Barkley. Music composer, performer, speaker, and all around nice guy.

Also, he's the Lead Pastor of my church, Ecclesia.


golden kelp

San Diego, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.

I went to San Diego last Thursday, and had a mini photo safari sesh with Kate M...



737, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.

I drew this for a hamburger and a beer. A really good hamburger and beer, from The Oinkster.

Well, ok, it was not just for the burger, but for a friend.


New Year

Well, well. It certainly is a new year. It feels so futuristic... so strange... writing "2010" on documents and such. At the same time, I think that writing the date is the only change I feel aware of so far. I am intrigued by demarcations of time, and give them quite a bit of credit. Personally, though, the rounded-out ring of 2010 doesn't feel like much of a bearing yet. I'm waiting...

Anyhow, with the spirit of anticipation of change, I pass on a recent posting from the photo blog of Adam Sjoberg. He documented the October 2009 LiNK staff journey to the NK border area of China, and the images he captured afford a beautiful yet sobering glimpse of that world.

This is the river that so many try to cross.

This is a small action toward freedom.

This is a home where three refugees wait for the next step.

See more here.