No, he is not from an evil parallel universe...

...he is just from North Korea.

It is amazing to think that while we get to do things like sit down for morning coffee, grab a burrito on a lunch break from work, and chat with friends over dinner, there are people on this very same planet, at this very moment, who are starving. Yes, I know this is not news to you--how many mothers have used this fact to guilt us into eating the rest of our dinner? However, the fact that North Koreans are practically blindfolded and isolated from the rest of the world, on top of being slowly starved--all by their own government--is not just circumstance, but severe injustice. If one could glance away from the nuclear glimmer in Kim's eyes for just a moment and see through his propaganda fog, one would find that a deeper atrocity has already been carried out. Yet, there are organizations that are working very hard to help North Korean people. Liberty in North Korea, headquartered right here in Los Angeles, is one such organization. They work in a grassroots way not only to raise awareness of the situation, but to directly aid NK escapees re-settle in the free world and prosper for the rest of their lives.

A real, live glimmer of hope.

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Awesome Mariann. Thanks for sharing this. I love you,