I'm trying to get better at drawing crows, but I'm still not very good at it.   I decided to try cutting one out, and that went o.k.  I used the handout from Boadrum 2008, which made for nice plumage.


judging by covers

I totally judge books by their covers. The cover is the shell of objecthood for the book. When you crack open a hard-bound work, reading becomes not only an intellectual endeavor, but a palpable physical experience as well. I appreciate publishers that give/allow special consideration to the physical/visual aspect of their books. To hold a beautiful thing in your hands is one of the little joys in life.

My love for beautiful books was awakened from its nap when I found this little gem last week:

 It's from an anthology series published in the 70s--the textured gold paper cover is right on for the era.

Here's another book from my humble collection.  This one is a bit older, printed in 1911.  The cover features a letterpress design on traditional book cloth.

Here's another old guy.  I'm not sure when it was printed, but the novel was copyrighted in 1899.  The cover is laminated with wood!  Is it weird to cat-call at a book?  I just did.

Anyone else have some fancy covers lying around?


glass music

I'm totally digging on this album from Glass Ghost (Brooklyn!). I dig the bizarre narrative lyrics, which is a writing approach that is usually a hard sell for me. But they are just the right kind of quirky, with just the right kind of homemade beats behind them. Don't let the word 'beats' throw you off, though--the overall feel is pretty low-key. Oh, and a really cool thing about this album is that each track features a number of musical contributors--the fab Sharon Van Etten being among them. So rad. I love a good, friendly collaboration.

If I had to throw some "sounds like"s out there, I'd say this has tinges of Bjork, Animal Collective, Air, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

Fave tracks are: "Violence," "Divisions," and "Time Saving Trick."

Over and out.


Come one, come all!

I'll be singing back-up for Jason Diaz this Friday @ the Roxy. The last show was such a blast. Come out and kick off your weekend!