Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.

I wish you all peace and joy on this Christmas day...


Texas, Here I Come.

Howdy Kerchief, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.

As I count down the days [five] until I get to see my family in Texas, I have been embroidering on this kerchief. I actually started it in October, but haven't had time to finish until now.




While my subject was finishing up in wardrobe, I tried to jump into the shot myself, to test focus and light. This was shot one...



shattered, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.

I was spending a quiet evening at home, when one of my candle glasses exploded. Ok, it didn't explode, per se, but it did blow its bottom right off. It narrowly missed breaking the glass lantern sitting right below it...

I think there was a small bubble in the glass, which, when the flame got right next to it, made it ka-splode. Yes, this is my hypothesis.