takin' it back...

I just poured some resin for the new work I mentioned in the last post--waiting, waiting. I scanned a bunch of older work to (sort-of) continue from the way back post...

perspectives of the kitchen.

This pair of drawings isn't anything spectacular, but it definitely informs some of my recent photographic work of emptyish domestic spaces (see the Interiors slide show in the side-bar). I did these in a beginning drawing course, 2002.

Halloween with Holga, 2003

I came across these negatives that I never printed from... I never really liked the particular quirk of my glass-lens Holga (actually a Woca)--how it doesn't expose a largeish corner of the frame--but coming back to these now, I appreciate it.

Diptych with Roommates, 2004

I shot these with my good ol' plastic-lens Holga. The roommate on the left is still my roommate! The roommate on the right is no longer a roomie, but he is an awesome artist.

TV star, 2004

This was an old, broken tube TV I was playing around with one day...

television, 2004

...I ended up pulling it all apart and photographing the different components. Here's a solarized print of the shell, which is now a hanging plant-basket in my dining room. The rest, below, are a few other blasts from the past.

Ana, 2001

Jonsi of Sigur Ros, 2003

white on white, 2004

And, lastly, here is a shot of me, finishing off a 2003 roll.

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