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Submerged Art
Submerged Art,
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A friend of mine took me to an art opening last Friday in Venice at Flux. It was an artist reception for Kyle Ng, celebrating his recent works related to bee-keeping, taxidermy, and [I would argue] Western child-rearing. I most liked the two taxidermic dioramas installed indoors (another was outside on the roof); one featuring a furry, tangled, blob of small mammals being suspended by helium balloons, the other a NHM-inspired, porcupine-inhabited snowscape featuring a faux human arm protruding from the ground, wearing a two-fingered bar ring. The first installation lacked the finesse and gleam of the latter... although, overall, I tend to favor the photographs made from each of the installations. (The photos being pieces in their own right.)

I found a snapshot of another of Ng's taxi-sculptures, which is this mouse I've posted. I wish that little guy was there! I have a feeling I would have liked him most of all. ... I am fascinated by taxidermy, and of course, love its presence in contemporary art. It will be interesting to keep a eye on Ng and see if and how he continues with the form.

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