making the zine...

Last weekend, three of my friends and I took a little road trip out into the desert. (If you Los Angelenos think it's been hot, you ain't felt nothin'! Try 115!) We saw the giant dinosaurs from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, had date milkshakes, trekked through Joshua Tree National Park, played mini golf, and got bit up by horse flies at the Salton Sea . However, the peak of the trip (and verily the reason for it) was going to Salvation Mountain. Salvation Mountain is a diamond in the rough (the rough=Mojave desert). It is a huge artwork made of bales of hay, adobe, paint, dead pieces of tree, and found refuse (car doors, tires, baby food jars...). It was built by the one Leonard Knight--one of the sweetest, most love-filled human beings I've had the pleasure to meet. If you ever have an opportunity to go, take it! . . . So, Erik "Cinnamon" Buckham, Will "Strawberry" Wadsworth, Kristin "Peachface Killa" Peach, and myself are attempting to funnel the love that Leonard sprinkled on us into a little zine inspired by our journey. (Stay tuned for the zine!) We got together at my place last night to start in on production, and also to watch one of the most ridiculous movies ever, Double Down. (Some would say it is ridiculously AWESOME.) Anyhow, here are a few images we've compiled thus far;

Will's "Maracasnake." Inspired by a little friend we met on a Joshua Tree trail.

"Leonard, I Love It!" by myself.

Erik's desert ninja. We saw him on a billboard...

Kristin's contributions are with her in her notebook... she needed to take it with her on yet another trip she is taking this weekend. Be assured, it is good stuff. I do have this affect she left at my house...^ some peach sparkling wine she brought to share for the session. It was girly-delicious! Yes... soo... do stay tuned for the forthcoming mojave odyssey zine. : )

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