What's going on in your life?

Wait--don't answer that question. Take a break from your world and go to Docu Weeks (NYC and LA). There is nothing quite like a well-made documentary to remind you that you are not the center of the universe. To be able to see the joys and struggles of people from a faraway place or histories that never made the books is a blessing of living in our time.

Last night, I got to see Louder than a Bomb, which was followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. In the film, they told the stories of four urban Chicago High School students and their experiences being on school-sponsored slam poetry teams. These kids are incredibly bright and passionate, and in poignant ways, mature. From classroom, to home, to stage, these four lives (and teams) were shared in such a humbling way. It's crazy to think that this doc was made because the filmmakers happened to be driving by the theater hosting Louder Than a Bomb 2005, and wondered what it was that had all those kids standing in line for poetry on a Saturday night...

I hope to go back to the Arclight in Hollywood to see a few more films before Docu Weeks ends on Aug 19. Treat yourself and do the same!

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