Psychological Suspense... Documentary?

Yes, folks, that is what the film Catfish is. It's a crazy story of a boy and girl falling for each other--over AIM and Facebook communications.  My jaw dropped (literally) several times whilst watching this film, and my emotions were taken on a wild ride.  It's one of the best directed psychological thrillers I have seen, and the only one that calls itself a documentary.

There is drama and much speculation as to how much the filmmakers knew while documenting the virtual relationship of the lead subjects.  There is such a controlled unfolding of details that it seems to be scripted--or at least anticipated and expected by the filmmakers.  Alas, even the most neutral documentary cannot escape the fact that it stands on some biased vantage point.  I am personally not too concerned with Catfish's manipulation of the story.  In fact, I think it is apropos.  Because of its calculated direction, the audience is swept into the emotions of the story, giving this cautionary tale a sharp hook.  At the end of it, you walk away with this little internet-age ethnography haunting your thoughts.


Aaron J said...

This looks very very interesting...I'll have to catch a screening of it!

Sister Kristin said...

Sounds nifty! Netflix, saved.