Simon Roberts' Russia

EASTERN SIBERIA: Former Sanitorium, Sludyanka
2004 - 2005
Simon Roberts

Photographer Simon Roberts spent about a year, between 2004-5, taking photographs in Russia. (His map is to the left.) All around, I'd say the images are documentary, although there are many subsets of image types. From landscapes, to portraits, to "moments," Mr. Roberts captures a breathtaking and rather eerie Russia.
I purchased the book form of this collection at my favorite book store earlier in the summer, while visiting my sister in Austin, TX. I've always had a curiosity about Russia, (Trans-Siberian rail, here I come!) and really adore this work. It definitely quenches my curiosities, yet it allows the place to remain mysterious. Motherland has become one of my favorite books. The best part of it is, it's super hearty. If you ever come across it, give yourself plenty of time! You'll not only get to look at tons of beautiful photography, but learn a bit about the country that you never knew before, and get glimpses of the tiniest towns.... here are some screen shots of the book images that I found on SR's website... (...my favs were not in the selection on the site, but these are lovely as well...)

NORTHWESTERN REGION: Apartment Blocks, Murmansk

FAR EAST: Entrance to the Food Market, Khabarovsk

NORTHERN CAUCASUS: Meat Market, Pyatigorsk

FAR EAST: Sasha and Galina Namakonova, Alexandrovosk-Sakhalinsky, Sakhalin Island

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