spiritual devotion

"It is beautiful. It is translucent--milky-white. It has seams from being molded. Parts are smooth, parts are rough. It is painted with orange Zinnias with happy, deep green leaves. There is a faint ring of residue from old coffee at the midway point inside. There is a 3/16" long scratch in the inner-bottom that has some residue in it. There are slight indentations inside, opposite from where the handle protrudes. On the foot of the cup the maker's insignia is partially readable. 'Made in USA.' 'Microwave Safe.' '50.' And on the outside rim of the foot, '63.' A message is printed along with the flower design on the outside; "In the Language of Flowers, The Zinnia symbolizes Thoughts of Absent Friends."'

Today, in a "review" of a week's worth of morning devotions, I made an illustration of the cup I am using. "The Cup" is used as allegory for our spiritual self in this devotional guidebook by Joyce Rupp, and I am to use a single cup as my guide and point of meditation through this devotional period. The cup has indeed been a great allegory, and God is speaking to me and teaching me through these devotions--and I am intent to listen, be filled, and pour out.

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