Seeing With Photography

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This is a brand new image created by members of the Seeing With Photography Collective in New York City. All SWPC members are visually impaired, making their photographic method quite poignant. Each image is generally led by one person's idea or narrative, while others assist in building the scene with found props and materials. The set is then framed in the camera, and lights are turned out. The image is exposed in otherwise pitch-darkness by a few people using hand-held flashlights, causing the image to be exposed bit-by-bit as the lighters feel their way around the scene, shining their small light from only a few inches away from each surface they expose. It's a unique way to make digital photography both a sensory experience and a hand-crafted form.

I had the privilege of assisting SWPC on studio days one lovely summer a few years back. It's an incredible process to experience.

Learn more by visiting seeingwithphotography.com.

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Amanda said...

what a great photo & group!