Found Page. Nov 2010

Found in a driveway on a walk in my neighborhood.

Translations, anyone?

Found Page. Nov 2010, originally uploaded by Secret Ultra M.


Griff said...

Very interesting excerpt. The text is Russian. Here's the best translation I can come up with:

(first sentence incomplete)...to ease the sharpness of His demands. But He also knew that the hearts opened before Him were and are ready, thanks to Him, to submit to these demands.

And, in this way, He left the door open: "Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!" Hearing--it is for those who, having borne all the expenses of the journey, say:

I decided to leave everything behind and follow Jesus,
Even if I have have to go without friends.
The world is behind me, before me, the cross.
[I'm] not [going] back, only forward!

Mariann said...

A fantastic excerpt. Thank you, Griff. I had forgotten you spent a good bit of time in Russia. I remember the package of Russian toys you guys sent to us back in Colorado. We loved them. : )