Wedding Portraits

This morning, at an undisclosed forest location, I was given the honor of making a series of wedding portraits for Mark and Jehoaddan Kulakoff. A group of friends (myself included) had made these man-sized puppets for a surprise performance at the Kulakoff reception last month, and the couple loved them so much we brought them back to life once more. These are some of the test Polaroids.

Here is the bride in the Orb Master's robe. The Orb Master was the narrator in the original performance.

Here are Mark and Jehoaddan wielding the scepters of fire and snow. May they reign together for all their years to come.


Jesse Hambley said...

I absolutely adore the concept of these photos! Really creative!

Kim said...

Mariann, these are sooo wonderful!!! Great job!! It was really the best kind of light and time of day for this quick shoot. I'm so glad I got to be a small part of it!

Mariann said...

Thanks, Jesse! Kim, I think you mean an AWESOME part of it. You're kinda the best.

Kate said...

Mariann, I love these!!