So, I've been branching out into drawing these days, trying to start a regimen to get good. Truth be told, one of the reasons I started off in photography is that it was a kind of "automatic drawing." (As it was conceived/pitched back in the 1800s...) I had images I wanted to make, and I didn't want to wait and suffer my time-consuming, incompetent hand, poorly translating the vision of my mind's eye. Fortunately, I grew to love the photographic medium for much better reasons, and adore it now for all that it is.

That being said, I also adore illustration. As I quiet my mind and attempt to re-orient my workflow to a much different pace, I am seeking out inspiration to shut up my frustrations. Lucky for me, I have an amazing Hannah Stouffer print hanging outside my bathroom door, and it reminded me to check out what's going on with her. I didn't realize all she was doing out there in the world, with both her personal art and her commercial endeavors. She's pretty amazing, pretty wild. I can't get enough of her snakes, birds, and elk in their spacey, psychedelic wilderness. With Marty Stouffer (Wild America!!) as half of her immediate gene pool, it's no wonder the root of her work is the natural world. [sigh] I pretty much love everything she does.

'Black Roses Tell a Story' ink on paper 20 x 20" 2008 Hannah Stouffer

'The Lost Stormr' ink on paper 20 x 20" 2009 Hannah Stouffer

You know how much I like sharks, right?

Oh, and she also did this wolf illustration for Nike Snowboard team rider Laura Hadar. Will someone please buy these for me? *L*

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whoa that stuff is awesomeeeee, thanks. weeeee.