New Year

Well, well. It certainly is a new year. It feels so futuristic... so strange... writing "2010" on documents and such. At the same time, I think that writing the date is the only change I feel aware of so far. I am intrigued by demarcations of time, and give them quite a bit of credit. Personally, though, the rounded-out ring of 2010 doesn't feel like much of a bearing yet. I'm waiting...

Anyhow, with the spirit of anticipation of change, I pass on a recent posting from the photo blog of Adam Sjoberg. He documented the October 2009 LiNK staff journey to the NK border area of China, and the images he captured afford a beautiful yet sobering glimpse of that world.

This is the river that so many try to cross.

This is a small action toward freedom.

This is a home where three refugees wait for the next step.

See more here.


Alloyous said...

YEY! Mariann! I'm glad you have a blog! Those pictures from China are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

mariann said...

I'm glad you have a blog, too, m'dear!

I love your photography and adventuring.