Portrait of Katherine

...It could also be called, "Portrait of a Best Friend."

Kat just came out to L.A. from Georgia for a wedding, but I managed to commandeer most of her west coast hours (and even an extra one, thanks to the end of daylight saving!).

We got to catch up on tons of stuff, including our lack of [insert excuse here] that keeps us from doing just-because creative work. She came up with the brilliant charge of making each other's portraits during our free Sunday evening time slot.

We each got an hour, and were confined to using a digital 35, two small strobes, and my bedroom.

This is it:

Now, none of this was necessarily in the front of my mind during the shoot, but I love this depiction of her, because it reflects where she is in her life right now. I especially love the pensive body language, because she is someone with whom I can always share the endless cycle of questions and answers with. We have had so many adventures together, from late-night shooting in L.A., to hour-long train rides to Coney Island, to driving and camping along the Appalachian Trail. She is a thoughtful and steadfast soul sister (not to mention, a great photographer), and I love her to pieces.

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K Holmes said...

Gosh, you know how to flatter a girl!