Stop. (unh!) Hamma-time!

I paid a visit to the Hammer museum on Tuesday, and I really, really wanted to take a photograph of this Warhol photograph in the Oranges and Sardines show. Not because I respect A. W. or love the photograph (and I do, both), but because it was in this intense light atmosphere! Anyhow, the guard said I could not take a photo, so I drew this picture/diagram, instead.

Now, imagine this; Warhol's silver gelatin print of a hammer, sickle, and pizza slice; lit by the tungsteny-yellow bulbs of Felix Gonzalez-Torres' Go-Go dancing platform from the left; and from the right, glowing blue from Dan Flavin's "Diagonal of May 25, 1963." It was crazy!

What an interesting occurence. (Which came out of the circumstance of Gary Garrels' curating and Wade Guyton's contribution to the Oranges and Sardines project.)


Lady Butcher said...

is there... uh... meat on that pizza?

mariann said...

you know, I'm not 100% sure. But my subjective, eye-witness memory says "yes."