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Bernard Faucon Digital Recipe Card, 2008 (?)

Bernard Faucon is one of my favorite artists. Not only does he make magical photographs, but his website is the most fun, generous, online adventure around. Last year, he had a bazaar page tucked away on his site on which various personal effects, old show catalogs, and other bits of treasure were for sale from a range of zero to a few hundred Euros. I was able to scoop up the last free item, which was a cd-rom of the "making of" of a few bodies of his work. It was sent to me from his studio in France, compliments of Chez Faucon. It was such a treat.

Anyhow, since my last visit to his site, (it's been many months) he has added a new(ish?) obscure page featuring digital recipe cards headed by some of his photographs. You can download each one as a free PDF. Il est doux! (And, there is the extent of my high school French...)

Go to www.bernardfaucon.net to poke around for the goodies!

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